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Wall Frame Marking Tool

Wall Frame Marking Tool


Wall Frame Marking Tool is an innovative tool in marking picture frame moldings for carpenters, contractors and DIYers.


In average, it takes three days for a contractor to install 40-50 wall frame moldings in a four bed room house.  The total cost is about $3,000-4,000.  The material cost is not that much expensive.  But, the wall frame marking labor cost is relatively high.  For more than several hundred years, wall frame moldings are installed in this awful way.


Using the tool, it takes only a day to finish the job.  More than 20 steps are removed.  Ruler, level, laser, and/or snapping lines are no longer necessary.  Over 95% of marking time has been reduced.  Just nail gunning with the tool will do.  It is that simple.  Contractors, carpenters, and interior designers can save a significant labor cost in a single job site. 


Even excellent Do-It-Yourself people do not install wall frame moldings not because they do not know how to do but because it hurts their knees and ankles.  Marking and installing wall frame moldings are cumbersome and tedious.   DIYers can save at least $3,000 by using the tool.


Wall Frame Marking Tool can be adjusted in two different angles: 45 and 90 degrees.  The space can be adjusted in 2.5," 3.0," 3.5," and 4.0" depends on the gap between the chair rail, base molding and wall frame molding.


I hope carpenters/contractors save time and money and millions of DIYers install wall frame moldings by themselves in the near future.


To install picture frame moldings in your house, you need a simple math to determine the picture frame molding size and numbers.  First, you should