3 Minute Snow Cover
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3 Minute Snow Cover

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Anyone that parks out side during the winter knows what a pain it is to scrape after a storm.

Removing snow on a car is not a big problem when it snowed just a couple of inches.  However, removing snow a foot or higher is painful in freezing cold weather.  Especially, ice scraping on the frozen windshield after over night light rain is agony.

But if you don’t clear your car of snow, you could end up with a hefty fine.  

So easy to install and use, one sheet covers the front of the car, and the second sheet takes care of the rear.

In under one minute, the snow cover easily slides off the front and back of your car, removing all the snow that fell the night before.

The one size fits all design works for everyone. 

Full size trucks, mini vans even SUVs with rear antennas can get the snow protection you need, to get through the winter.

Stay warm and safe this winter with the 3 Minute Snow Cover.

The 3 minute snow cover, the fastest and easiest way to clear any vehicle of snow.  

No more scraping!  No more worries!

The retail price is just $19.99.